ChamnadeMusic Club of Yonkers

The Chamiade Club was founded in 1895
On April 1, 2019 the Chaminade Club will celebrate its’ 124th  birthday.  Madame Cécile Chaminade, a French Composer who specialized in piano and voice, inspired a group of music lovers who lived in Park Hill to form a club for the sole purpose of participating in piano and voice recitals to entertain themselves and others.  It is said that Madame   suggested to theatrical residents of Park Hill that their lovely homes would be perfect settings for musical entertainment.
The Chaminade Club now hosts musical entertainments at The Grinton I. Will Library on Central Park Avenue in Yonkers on five Tuesday afternoons each season.   Admission is free to members.  The Club request   s a $10.00 scholarship fund donation from non-member concert attendees. In November the Chaminade Club hosts a fund raiser at the matinee performance at the Westchester Broadway Theater in Elmsford.
Every spring, the club gives scholarships to gifted young artists to help them further their education. A scholarship winner performs for the guests attending the Club’s annual Spring Luncheon.
The Chaminade Club is affiliated with the New York State Federation of Music Clubs and the Westchester County Federation of Women’s Clubs. For more information contact  Ms. Judy Skoog at (914) 948-6775 or Ms. Marcia . Klein at (914)n 631-6674.